About the Flying Saucer Pie Company

The Flying Saucer Pie Company has proudly served fresh pies to our customers since 1967, making us the oldest pie shop in the city of Houston.  We are family owned and operated.  Our policy has always been to satisfy our customers by serving them the best pies that could possibly be made outside of the home.

At Flying Saucer Pie Company, we use only fresh eggs, all vegetable shortening and fresh fruit whenever possible.  We donot add any preservatives; therefore, pies that contain eggs should be refrigerated.  Pies are the only product we sell.  They are made fresh daily from scratch.  We will never sell you a frozen product.

We have grown to appreciate our customers and wish to express our thanks to all of you in Houston and the surrounding communities for your support.  We plan to serve you for many more years to come and always have the best quality pies available.

Looking forward to serving you,

Bill & Diane Leeson
Heather Leeson Brown