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  1. My daughter and her fiance would like to have pie at their wedding instead of cake. i have a few questions?
    1) Would you deliver to Magnolia Bells wedding venue in Magnolia, TX on a Sunday?
    2) Would you make the bride and groom pie with a “special” design on the top?
    3) Do you make small individual pies?
    4) How many servings per pie? We plan to have 180 to 200 people.
    5) Would you pre-cut each pie, except the bride and groom pie, before delivery, if we asked?
    They just set the date for July 23 and I am now asking questions for the reception. thank you, Mother of the Bride

  2. My Goodness!!! Just heard that there will be no pies for the upcoming Christmas holidays? How could you have let this happened? This is tragic!!!

    I had already included your coconut cream pies in my Christmas menu!!! Was planning to stop by on the 23rd to pick up the pies for travel to New Orleans over the Christmas holidays! Damn, this sure blows a big whole in my dessert menu!!!

    How could you let this happen? Why cant you expedite the shipment of the mixing part that you need to have pies for Christmas? This is such a disappointment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Now I usually pick up pies on New Years eve to give to several church members for New Years too. Will you have pies by then!

    Samnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn, This is tragic!

  3. No sorry we are a small local bakery – at this time we can not handle any shipping. We do not freeze anything or add any preservatives so shipping is really not an option at this time.
    I will make sure to add it to the FQA

  4. Do you ship orders (fruit pies only)? I didn’t see anything regarding this in the FAQ’s. I’m guessing you wouldn’t. You guy’s are running a very successful business why bother with the shipping goods. Wishful thinking :).

  5. Just wonder which pie have eggs in the ingredients? My son have egg allergy so i know which one i should get. Thank you

  6. If I am going to be crazy and come on Wed morning, when does the line start forming – gotta get my beauty sleep

  7. All pie is first come first serve- i have both right now @ 11.50am but I can not guarantee what we will have when you get here- we do not limit the # of pies people can buy- but we do bake all day long and we do have plenty of pecan

  8. Is there a way to find out what pies you have left before making the trip. Looking for Pecan Pie and Strawberry Cheesecake. I was planning to stop by at 12pm.

  9. Please keep trying the phone. We only have one phone line and it rings all day. We do stop answering @ 7pm and we don’t check the voice mail.
    If there is something specific you would like to disuss, please put it on here and I can email you directly in the morning.
    Or you can visit our FAQ page for most of our answers. Thank you and I hope we can help you out

  10. Idea for your alway great sign out front,
    HOLLIDAYS + 3.14 , just adds up. Maybe? But then again ya might get a bunch of people asking , “so y’all have a pie for 3.14? Anyway happy hollidays!

  11. Natalie:
    We do not open on Sunday – but we will be open at 7am on Monday 11/21 and we will have plenty of pumpkin then. The pumpkin is good for about 3 days but fresh is always better!

  12. will you be open sunday 11/20/2016? if not, then if I get a pumpkin pie on saturday 11/19/2016 will it still be good on monday 11/21/2016?

  13. Heather
    I heard you on Michael Berry this morning ( Tues Nov 15th). I work in the Garden Oaks Warehouse Business District, several of my co-workers have stood in those long lines at Thanksgiving and have nothing but praise for your product. I see your place every year on tv, its really neat to see so many people come out and support your business. Congratulations on all your success.

  14. Cynthia- I do apologize for the mix up – we do have a new counter girl and I take it she mixed up the pies. Please call me directly (Tania the GM) and I will be happy to mail you a gift card after Thanksgiving

  15. Ms Thelma- WE do not put out a sign saying what sells out because that may not be the case when you get to the front on the line.
    Pies are all first come first serve but we bake continuously through the day- something sold out at say 12pm may be back on the line by 1.30. It takes time to bake and then cool the pies to be ready to sell.

  16. Ok….I have a strong suggestion!! Can someone from there, please make a sign or send someone to tell people in line that have been waiting for hours to let us know that a certain pie have been all sold out!! That’s the common courtesy to give your customers.

    Thank you!!

  17. My husband and I came by today 11/5 /16 earlier to purchase two pies.One key lime and pineapple pie.We had a dinner party for friends.There favorite pie is the pineapple,but there was a problem with the pie. It was a peach pie instead.We were given a wrong pie.Two make matters worst we live in Katy,tx. So to drive all the way there and to drive back home to find out we payed $14 for a pie that we all didn’t want was upsetting .The lady that helped us even wrote the names on the boxes.We were raving about how good the pies are there and were embrassed after the fact and disappointed .

  18. How far in advance do bulk orders need to be made?

    We would like to give a pie to each of our employees as a Thanksgiving appreciation gift.

  19. Thank you for doing what you do. I wish that you continue to grow and make pies for Houston for a long, long time.

    Which of your pies have graham cracker or “non AP flour” crust? I loved the key lime pie which is NOT AP flour and want to try other pies with similar crust.

  20. We have a delicious Coconut Cream Pie- we do not make a meringue pie at all- Whipped Cream is way way yummier than egg yolks!
    Come by and try it $12.75!

  21. Do the vegetable shortening in your crust and the ingredients in your whipped topping contain soy products (like soybean oil)? Are soy-based ingredients anywhere else in your pies?

  22. What are the chances there will be a strawberry pie available today around 4pm? We will be headed that way from out of town to get our pies and cannot get there any sooner.

  23. Love yalls pies,been buying them since I was a child living at home with my parents. My question is my husband loves your pecan pie only issue is he is a diabetic. Do yall happen to make a sugar free or sweet n low one?

  24. Flying Saucer Pie Co. makes some of the best pies I have ever had. I live in the Oak Forest area and I feel we are very lucky to have such a great, family-owned business in the neighborhood. I also would like to express my sincere condolences on the passing of Bill Leeson. I am sure he will be missed and I hope the good memories bring you all some comfort during this time.

  25. Hi,

    If I pick up apple, pumpkin, pecan, and cream pies on Monday or Tuesday will they all stay well in fridge by Thanksgiving dinner?


  26. There is no way to predict that. Monday usually has very short lines, Tuesday has longer lines and Wednesday has really long lines. It all depends on when people are off work and what the weather will do for that week. For Wednesday the real line starts around 5 am or so.

    All our pies are 10 inches and can feed 6-8 people

    See ya soon

  27. Two questions:
    What time to customers start forming a line, if you open at 7 AM Thanks Giving Week.
    2 nd question what size are your pies? I can see only a price not a size.

  28. Do you take orders for weeks/weekends other than Thanksgiving week?
    If someone needs a couple pies on typical Saturday (non-holiday related) can they order a day or two ahead?

  29. We DO NOT take ANY orders for the week of Thanksgiving- first come, first serve. You have to come stand in line and make friends with the rest of Houston!

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