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  1. I didn’t ask my last question properly. Try this:

    How long would it be safe to keep/eat on your pecan pies if not refrigerated? i.e about how many days?

  2. We will be offering Gift Certificates next year. You will still have to purchase them here at the shop, we require the card to be present for all transactions.

  3. Please consider offering gift certificates. My sister-in-law who lives in Houston loves your shop. We’d love to send her a gift certificate as a gift but you don’t have them 🙁

  4. We are open to the public tues- sat 7am-7pm- all pie is first come first serve.
    We do not take orders for the week of Thanksgiving- we will open monday 7-7 tues 7-7 wed 7-5. You must come by, stand in line – make some new friends and maybe get on the news!

  5. Sorry, we wish we could, but our pies would not stand up to the shipping. We don’t use any preservatives, our crust is very delicate and we don’t freeze anything. Those 3 thing stop us from even trying, the pie would just not survive. Our pies are best lovingly cradled in your arms.

  6. Hello- Yes we do take orders for the 17th (last day for orders) You can just call the shop main # 713-694-1141 and ask for a manager for a large order. Best time is before 12 and I need about 7 days lead time on an order that large.

  7. Hi-I’m interested in purchasing pies for the teachers and staff at my son’s school for a Teacher Appreciation event. I will need around 125 and would need to pick them up Friday morning November 17th. Would it be possible to fill this order? Who would be the best person to contact to discuss? Thank you!!

  8. Good Morning,

    My name is Mr. Washington and I am the College Advisor at Eisenhower High School. We are having a small event to serve as an incentive to get students to complete scholarship applications. We at Eisenhower were wondering if Flying Saucer would be willing to donate a discretionary amount of pies for the event? The event will be held on November 16, 2017.

    We look forward to hearing from you.

  9. Merle:
    Yes,with a little planning and preparation.
    You will need a cooler with a layer of ice at the bottom, some plastic over the ice, and a couple of towels. So long as the boxes don’t get wet and you pack the pies so they don’t shift they should make it out fine.
    The strawberry and banana cream pies- they will NOT make the trip, the fresh fruit just does not hold up to traveling.
    Regular cream pies, cheesecake and pumpkin, can and do travel, so long as they stay cold.
    The baked fruit pies- they can travel without being in the cooler, but would be better off in there as well. WE do not use any preservatives in our pies so keeping them fresh is best. Please give us a call or stop by and we can answer any further questions.

  10. A friend buys pies from your company. I am traveling to Mississippi, Thursday Nov. 2 for a family event on Friday Nov. 3. Is it possible the pies would travel well to our destination?

  11. Hello my name is Laura Gardner, my daughter is getting married November 4th 2017. I am needing 3- 12 inch apple lattice pies. I noticed double crusted apple pies, is this by chance lattice apple pies? What sizes are available? Thanks in advance for your help.
    Laura Gardner

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