Flying Saucer Pie Company



Delicious hand-made and baked to perfection

 Our recipes are traditional time tested masterpieces baked fresh every day!

Apple             Signature double crust pie filled with sweet and juicy apples                           $14.50

Peach                  Signature double crust pie filled with peaches                                                  $14.50

Cherry                    Signature double crust pie filled with cherries                                         $14.50

Pecan                      Traditional pecan pie with lots and lots of pecan pieces                            $15.25

        Pumpkin                       Traditional pumpkin pie with cinnamon and nutmeg                                   $13.75

Pumpkin with cream  Traditional pumpkin pie with cinnamon and nutmeg  topped with cream       $14.25

    Dutch Apple             Apple pie topped with cinnamon and sugar crumble                                      $14.50                  




Delicious hand-made fresh every day whipped cream topped pies.

Fresh Strawberry Cream                                                   $15.25 

                   Fresh Strawberries in a sweet glaze topped with cream.     

Fresh Banana Cream                                                         $13.75

                   Fresh Sliced Bananas in vanilla pudding topped with cream                                          24 hour pie! Get it an eat it – this pie does not keep for very long! 

Chocolate Cream             Chocolate filling topped with cream           $13.75

Coconut Cream        Coconut filling with fresh coconut, topped with cream and toasted coconut flakes                                                                          $13.75

Lemon Cream        Sweet lemon filling made with real lemon juice topped with cream                                                                                                $13.75

Cheesecake Pie with Strawberry or Cherry Topping               $15.25          Creamy cheesecake pie topped with fresh strawberry or cherry pieces in a sweet glaze and with a ring of cream    

 Key Lime Pie        Creamy sweet and tart pie  topped with a ring of cream                              $15.25